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Studio Reviews

In 2009, I looked for the best dance studio in Huntsville and found Southern Elegance.  I had never danced before.  It took most of my courage to show up for my first lesson with Rick, owner of the studio.  I was amazed at how easy he made dancing seem.  Within weeks I had enough confidence to go to a dance party.  Before I knew it, I was dancing 4 days a week.  It was the most fun I ever had, and it is the best exercise there is.  In 2010, I met a man at a dance party that asked to share my lessons.  In 2011, we were married!  Our lives are now very busy, but we still dance every week and love it.  We take lessons with 3 instructors at Southern Elegance and they are all outstanding (thank you Rick, Antonio and Carmine).  I never knew there were so many dances.  Whether you want to dance socially or compete, Southern Elegance is the place to start.  If you are young, start dancing now and you will be fabulous in no time!  If you are older, it is not too late and you will not believe what a change dancing will make in your life! 

Kathy & Jonathan


The dance lessons we take from our dance instructor Rick keeps us moving forward to meet our dancing goals.   Southern  Elegance is the best!
Tom and Anita Homsley 


My wife and I worked with Rick to learn a dance routine for our "first dance" at or wedding. Wow! We received so many compliments after our dance and everybody was asking "where did you learn how to do that?" So of course we told them "Southern Elegance Dance Studio" Rick was great to work with! He always had a great attitude, and always went above and beyond to work with our hectic schedule. Everyone else at Southern Elegance always made us feel right at home. Thank you Southern Elegance Dance and Rick for making our "first dance" something we will always remember!
Randy Carter

I would love it if you could post my review on your website: What an amazing experience! My fiancé and I wanted our first dance at our wedding choreographed. Rick did just that. He took two people who had no experience and made our dream a reality. He was patient, fun to learn from, and very detailed. He was also willing to work with our crazy schedules. I really can’t say enough great things about Rick and the Southern Elegance studio. Thank you so much for making our first dance amazing!!!

Amber and Chris

I came to Southern Elegance a year ago at age 75.  I have been delighted with the instructors and instruction.  I was able to participate in a dance showcase, doing the East Coast Swing.  They also provide a weekly social which gives you the opportunity to practice what you have learned.  I have made many new friends through Southern Elegance.

Shirley Reyer



A wonderful place to learn how to dance! The instructors are warm and friendly. Dancing works mind and body. At 60, my husband and I are finding a new passion for continuing health at Southern Elegance.

 Laurie Bullard

My wife and I have been taking private dance lessons from Rick for the past several months.  In the first nine months of weekly lessons we have learned over 12 different dances and feel we know enough dance steps to feel comfortable in each.  Rick is an excellent instructor and very patient, and he makes it fun.  The Friday Night Dance Parties help tremendously in practicing what we are learning.

Mel and Rita Strain 

Southern Elegance Dance Studio easily offers the best dance lesson experience in the Huntsville area. After five days my fiancé and I felt ready to face our first dance at the wedding. Our instructor and owner of the studio, Rick, was always professional, greeted us with a smile every day and while he gave guidance that was easy to follow, he was flexible enough to incorporate some moves we had in mind. Hats off to Southern Elegance, we'll see you at the Friday evening dance parties! 



Keithe Baggett

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