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New students can request a specific instructor, if he/she is available.

Rick Jones and his lovely wife Elizabeth own the studio. Rick  is a certified teacher with the National Dance Council of America. He has over 20 years of teaching experience and is also a 3 time Theater Arts Finalist in national competitions."I started my dance career in 1994. Since that time I've not only helped people to become better dancers and learn to enjoy life more, I have also for several years trained other dance instructors in the industry today."

Elizabeth Jones started her dance career with Fred Astaire Dance Studio in 1988. "That is when I first stepped onto the ballroom dance floor and I have hardly been off of it since!! I not only enjoy teaching and dancing socially, I have also enjoyed competing at both amateur and professional levels."


Bob Pratico has been competing in Ballroom Dance with his lovely wife Debbie since 2006. They have competed at several National Championships winning a national title in Los Angeles in 2013. They have also danced at the world championships in Paris and Blackpool, England. He also competes with their professional coach. Specializing in International Standard and American Smooth, as a full-time engineer he enjoys teaching on a limited basis and performing exhibitions. Bob jumps at the chance to work with handicapped people who want to dance, having taught a blind girl to dance beautifully.

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Visiting Coach Alyssa Kark is a professional American Smooth dancer out of Dance World in Nashville. She teaches all styles and also enjoys choreographing. Her coaches include David Hamilton, Paul Holmes, Toni Redpath, Rufus Dustin, Donald Johnson, Olga Foraponova, Heather Smith, Dariusz Michalski, Maria Hansen, Kasia Kozak to name a few.

Visiting Coach Jari Muller comes to Southern Elegance from Atlanta for 1-2 days each month to offer coaching in both International Standard and American Smooth. Jari has over 20 years experience in ballroom dancing, as a amateur competitor, a professional competitor and a professional trainer. From 1997 through 2001 he was co-owner of the very successful Ballroom on Fifth studio in Manhattan. He relocated to Atlanta in 2002. He has won numerous titles in the USA, Europe and Canada.

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